When to Call Plumbers for Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is one thing that everyone hates doing, especially if you are someone who doesn’t want to deal with dealing with the mess and stench of stagnant water in your home. In fact, some people actually hate it more than death itself! This is why hiring a plumber with years of drain cleaning experience can help you avoid all of the hassle and headaches that come with drain clogging problems. However, there are other reasons why you should seriously consider hiring a professional plumber for drain cleaning services. Here are five main things homeowners should know about why they absolutely should get a plumber to do drain cleaning on their house.

If you constantly have frequent clogs in both your bathroom and kitchen drains, you must know that placing toxic drain cleaning agent down your sinks multiple times can cause a variety of different problems. For example, using drain cleaning agents like Master Bladder or Drano on a daily basis can eventually cause your pipes to clog up, which means that you won’t be able to flush out all the liquids that build up in your pipes. The longer the liquid waste builds up, the more of it backs up into your sewer pipes, and eventually they become clogged and start smelling. When you don’t have professional drain cleaning done, the smell of your bathroom and kitchen sinks will start emanating from your drain pipes, and nobody wants that in their house!

Drain clogs are often caused by improper installation, poor workmanship, and poor maintenance. Even if you don’t think your sink is clogged with something harmful, chances are it is, so it is a good idea to call a pro to remove any potential harmful build-ups in your plumbing system. A reputable plumber will be able to use the latest technology to properly locate clogs and remove them without hydro jetting.

There are two basic types of drain cleaning plumbers use to unclog drains. One type uses high pressure water jets to blast water down the drain in search of clogs. While this can sometimes unclog a pipe, often times it causes damage to your pipes and drains as the jet pressure can cause damage to the insides of the pipes. Using a high pressure jet is not recommended for older sewer pipes. This is why it is important to call a plumber to help in case you have drain clogging problems. If you’re not sure whether or not your drainage issues are a result of clogs, ask a plumbing professional to visually inspect your pipes for signs of possible blockages.

The second method that most drain cleaning professionals use to unclog clogged pipes is hydro jetting. This method works by blasting hot, suction-sealed water down your drain at very high speeds. The high pressure forces the water down the drain in quick succession, which forces the water down the drain quickly, breaking up and dispersing the debris that might be stuck in your pipes. This method doesn’t damage pipes like high pressure water jets do, but it is a great way to remove stubborn buildup. Most homeowners do not enjoy hydro jetting because of the strong jets and the noise associated with them.

These days, many plumbers offer drain cleaning services online. If you would rather save time and gas, however, there are other ways to unclog drains without calling a plumber. For instance, some people try to manually remove hardened fecal buildups from their toilets by flushing them down the toilet. However, this often doesn’t work and can be potentially dangerous. Also, this process can be messy and require a lot of force to accomplish. You can also prevent the problem from becoming worse by rinsing out any standing water after each flush.

Many plumbers also suggest using a plumbing snake for any drain cleaning job. A plumbing snake is a flexible cable that can be inserted into the pipe or hole and will unclog it. The plumber then uses a tool to cut the cable and remove it from the access point. The tool is similar to an electric razor knife, and homeowners can purchase one of these for home use.

Still, there are times when calling a plumber is the best option. One of these times is if you notice a crack or leak in the wall behind your toilet, or behind your hot water tank. In these cases, drain cleaning companies usually recommend using drain-cleaning chemicals. These chemicals break down the build up inside the pipes and cause the clog to come out, usually with just a few hours of the work. Call a plumber to fix any of these clogs instead of attempting to fix the problem yourself.