The Canadian Physique Alliance

For a few months in the 1990’s, the Canadian Physique Alliance (CPTA) worked hard to get the word out about its unique diet plan. It was known as “Canada’s diet guru,” which was a marketing term that was used as a way to define what makes it so different from what was going on in other areas of the country.

Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike were eager to learn more about the diet. This diet was believed to be the most effective to help people who wanted to lose weight, gain muscle, or even tone their bodies.

The secret to the diet was found in the carbohydrates. These carbohydrates were believed to give the body a large amount of energy, leading to increased metabolism. This leads to results such as weight loss, fat burning, and the burning of calories.

Another area of focus was to boost the immune system. There are fats in the diet that will boost the immune system, thus strengthening the body’s fight against diseases and infections. It is said that because of this, people who regularly eat this diet do not have the typical post-exercise jitters or the fatigue caused by consuming regular, unhealthy foods.

Benefits include the reduction of one’s body fat percentage. However, more than one benefit is claimed. These benefits include the ability to lose up to five pounds in a month, as well as the lowering of cholesterol levels.

Weight loss is proven to be one of the biggest benefits of the diet. Since the carbohydrates are there to fuel the body, it can use them to burn calories and give the body energy.

The foods found in the diet are key in boosting the immune system. It is suggested that the body increases its production of white blood cells to take care of the body’s defense mechanism against disease.

It has been noted that a lot of people who tried the diet for weight loss claimed that the method for them helped them reach their goals in terms of weight loss. The lack of carb intake seems to lead to more energy, which is what is needed to make the pounds come off easier.

Because of its similarity to the American diet system, many wondered if the diet could help an athlete. The answer is yes, but that does not mean that you can take a person’s weight and try to put him on the track team.

The level meal plans are geared towards normal weight people, but you should expect them to help you lose weight. Some training regimes are more suited for this than others, however.

One notable use of the diet for weight loss is a popular stage show from the 1970s. When the show was on, they made it a point to have a regular screening of the movie, then they would use it as the basis for their weight loss routines.

Because of the benefits of the diet, it has become one of the most talked about programs today. Those who do not like being fat and the weight gain associated with the extra fat, this diet has its perks.