How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

If you know how to use a fire extinguisher, you may be in the right place. Understanding how fire extinguishers work will help keep yourself and your family safe from fire. Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can save your home and family from harm and protect them from devastating fires.

A fire extinguisher works by creating a chemical reaction. When it is activated, the chemical reacts with anything combustible that it comes into contact with. In the case of a fire, the reaction will release oxygen which will cause the fire to burn out. The end result is that the fire will stop burning and will eventually go out.

Of course, not all fires are extinguished by the use of an extinguisher. Fires can burn out before the chemical reaction has had a chance to take place. This is when you may need to use other means of stopping the fire.

Just like any other tool or material that you may have, the extinguisher must be maintained properly. This means that you should keep it stored safely away from flammable materials. This is especially true of fire extinguishers that contain sodium hydroxide, or water.

Water can actually be dangerous for use on a fire. It will corrode the fire extinguisher, which can cause it to become ineffective. And, even if it is still effective, the reaction that it causes can prove to be very damaging to any person in the immediate area.

What you need to do is to never use water directly on the extinguisher. If you must, use a spray bottle to dab at the flame. If you have a fire extinguisher on hand, you should always keep it stored away from flammable materials.

Another thing that you need to remember about how to use a fire extinguisher is that it will not always work when the flames are small. Small fires usually last longer than they would if the flames were larger. This is because the water has a chance to react with the flames and make them smaller.

Of course, there are times when you will need to use a water extinguisher. For example, when you want to prevent smoke from escaping a building. If the escapees come into contact with water, the smoke will be reduced drastically.

Other than preventing the escape of smoke, you should also be careful about not using a water extinguisher. It should only be used on fires that you know are not completely out. Otherwise, it could lead to serious burns or even death.

When you have a fire extinguisher, make sure that you know how to use it. You should never attempt to put out a fire without using one. And you should always keep your fire extinguisher on hand.

Finally, never ever leave your fire extinguisher on a table that is near a fireplace. This is because the extinguisher can splash over the flames and cause the fire to spread. It could possibly be the worst thing that you could do, because you could risk losing your life.

Remember, when you are attempting to learn how to use a fire extinguisher, you should always remember to keep the extinguisher safe. Always remember that you should never use a fire extinguisher that contains water when the flames are small.